January 12th, 2006


King Kong VS. Godzilla

King Kong (2005)
Acting: 4
Plot: 2 1/2
Cinematography: 3 1/2
Entertainment value: 3
(ratings: 0 = absolutely terrible in every way; 1 = bad; 2 = below average; 3 = average; 4 = above average; 5 = good; 6 = excellent; 7 = perfect! couldn't be better)
Summary: A rogue movie production crew journey to an undiscovered island, where they encounter many creatures thought to be extinct or nonexistant, most notably a giant gorilla the natives call Kong.
Comments: I really, really wanted to like this movie. But it just had so much stupid stuff, that it kept pulling me out ov the fantasy! I kept going "What the hell? That's just stupid!". Almost no person or animal acts in any way realistic (with the exception ov Kong himself)! Award winning director Peter Jackson has been bad about having stupid things happen in his movies so that the story can move forward to a predetermined arch on several occasions (most notably in "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"), but he does it the worst in this movie. And it's annoying that all these movie critics who'll go on and on about how stupid the characters act in a low budget horror movie will ignore the fact that every character in this movie acts even more stupid, because it's done by an academy award winnier and has academy award winning actors in it. That's the bad.
The good is Kong himself. He is awesome! All the acting is top notch in this. I've always considered Naomi Watts to be pretty boring, but she is very good in this. I've never liked Jack Black, but he wasn't too annoying in this either. Still, Kong is the stand out.
I bet most people won't be as annoyed as me at the large amount ov stupid stuff in this, but I just kan't help it.

Godzilla: Final Wars (2005)
Acting: 2
Plot: 3
Cinematography: 3
Entertainment value: 4
(ratings: 0 = absolutely terrible in every way; 1 = bad; 2 = below average; 3 = average; 4 = above average; 5 = good; 6 = excellent; 7 = perfect! couldn't be better)
Summary: Godzilla has finally been defeated and put on ice for several years, when most ov the other monsters begin attacking cities around the world. A monster-fighting task force, comprised mostly ov superhuman 'mutants', is having trouble fighting them off when a friendly race ov aliens vanquishes them for humanity. All is not well, however, when the aliens turn out to be evil and again set the monsters on the world. Humanity's only hope is to thaw out Godzilla to fight off the other monsters.
Comments: This movie is like a cross between "Destroy All Monsters", "The Matrix", anime, and several other sci-fi movies. Tons ov kung fu, monster fu, wire fu, motorcycle fu, and most any other fu you can think ov. Almost constant action, with mutants vs. aliens, humans vs aliens, humans vs mutants, mutants vs monsters, monsters vs monsters, mutants vs mutants, etc. etc. It's almost like a live action anime in places. All the anime cliches are there- the special mutant, the American gruff general (it's always humorous to see Americans through the Japanese eyes), the little kid who befriends a monster, etc. Almost all the classic Godzilla monsters are in this (except for some reason Megalon, Mecha-Godzilla, and a couple others). I enjoyed it (tho I wanted a little more monster fighting, and a little less human, alien and mutant fighting).